Destiny Life Coaching, Nairobi Leadership Academy offers training that helps develop leaders from within your organization and facilitates a leadership pipeline that brings about peak performance for teams.

Learn how to make collaboration, teamwork, building consensus, resolving conflicts, communication, influence, and leading change for teams to look and feel effortless.

Discover our core practice of facilitating teams that will reveal to your corporate clients the difference between their current team and one that our process creates. Where everyone becomes a useful tool for progress in the organization.

Find your voice as a leader, and discover how to assist others in doing the same.

You would agree with me that leadership is what makes master coach Jeff Israel Nthiwa who he is if you ever get the chance to meet him in person. His story will motivate and inspire you on how to lead people through difficult times and how to enter any circumstance to make a good change for everyone involved.


Discover what it is that drives people and how to harness the power of influence to bring about transformations that are long-lasting and to realize loftier goals in this life.

Expand your capacity to connect and influence others to make a change in their personal and professional lives.
Learn the magic of captivating any audience from the beginning to the end of your presentation and leaving an impression that will last with them for the rest of their lives.

You will learn Nairobi academy to master your leadership style and find new world-class group facilitation techniques that will bring out your leadership traits.