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Become a High-Income Life Coach in Kenya the modern world, life coaches and mentors are the need of the hour. That is why you need to become an excellent practitioner of life coaching. As a practitioner of coaching excellence, you can people achieve their dreams. We know that you might not be sure who you want to help with your coaching work with now, and that is okay. Growth is a progressive process where you learn with time and through different techniques and systems to position yourself as a master of transformational coaching work. Destiny Life Coach training helps you learn how to meet your client’s needs and create a desirable relevant program that will help them create the results they desire and deserve. You will know how to come with excellent and tailor-made offers for your different clients. With the destiny life coach program, it is now possible to become a life coach in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and inspire millions of people.


Who is a life coach?

Life coaching is a transformational process of helping people change their lives for good.  Coaching officially began during the 1980s. But it became popular in the 1990s and 2000s. Destiny Life Coaching Kenya was the pioneer of life coaching in Kenya and East Africa by opening its doors for coaching in 2004.  

A life coach is a trained and certified individual who helps people gain clarity to accomplish more prominent fulfillment in their lives. Life coaches help their clients in improving their relationships, connections, professions, and everyday lives.

A good life coach can help people explain their objectives, recognize the obstructions keeping them down, and afterward concoct methodologies for conquering every hindrance. In making these procedures, life mentors focus on the client’s extraordinary abilities and endowments. These mentors offer the help needed to accomplish success in life.

Why should you become a life coach in Kenya and Africa?

For over fifteen years now, Destiny Life Coaching has certified hundreds of coaches who are now making a significant impact in their coaching work and earning a good income. Now more than ever, people appreciate the importance of coaching in their lives.

Life coaching and mentoring have proven to be brilliant fields for anyone that wants to make an impact and income at the same time. The majority of Destiny Life Coaching coaches have trained pride themselves in helping people gain clarity in life and realize their full potential.  

Other commonly requested coaching areas include; relationship coaching, confidence coaching, career coaching, improving certainty, and building up an enabling mental shift of self-awareness and self-image. Students from Destiny Life Coaching Kenya have also been consulted to help take clients on the journey of discovering their life purpose, knowing their soul mission, and understanding their self-worth.

Coaching can help people get past their stories of limitation and fear and close the gap between theory and practice.

Essentials to become a professional life coach:

To become a successful life coach, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you become a part of the coaching community.

Step 1:  CERTIFICATION: You want to train with a coach training school that is globally accredited. Destiny Life Coaching is accredited by the international Coaches register Destiny Life Coaching is ready to be of service to becoming a practitioner coaching excellence practitioner in Africa or getting a life coach in Kenya.

After your coach training and certification, you are invited to join the International Coaches Register Kenya chapter, whose current president is Master coach Jeff Israel Nthiwa.

Step 2: CERTAINTY: As a coach, you want to train with an institution that gives you more than a certification. You want to gain the certainty that comes with becoming a practitioner of coaching, not just a theorist. Destiny Life coaching Kenya takes you through a journey of practically creating your coaching system, your coaching business plan, and actually positioning you in the market by getting paying clients while at the training.

At D.L.C every coach gets the certainty to coach with confidence through the many coaching assignments and supervision sessions by the master coaches.  You learn precisely how to build a coaching business relevant to today’s market and the needs of your ideal clients.

Step 3: CONVICTION:   One of the unique gifts you can give yourself by studying at Destiny Life Coaching Kenya is how D.L.C is keen to take its students through a journey of self-discovery first. The initial meetings at D.L.C are deep coaching sessions with the master coaches to unlock your beliefs about yourself and your mental limitations.

As you join the D.L.C Coach Training in Kenya, be ready to rediscover yourself and find your true soul mission to effortlessly change the world from a place of power.

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