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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought ‘how did I get here? Maybe you are thinking you are not where you deserve to be in your personal and professional life because there is another voice inside of you that tells you that there is something special within you, that you were created to make a significant impact on the planet. What if I told you that in through the breakthrough with Jeff’s coaching process, you can totally reclaim your life?

Why is life coaching so important for peak performance and fulfillment in life? Passion can be a consuming nightmare when you are full of potential and have no idea of the best actions to take to unleash your God-given potential. One of the saddest things for me to witness was meeting people who are full of greatness, people who speak of their potential with passion but then due to FEAR, PROCRASTINATION, OVERCAUTION, PERFECTIONISM, and WORRY, these people never take the necessary ACTION to unleash their potential before that last destiny call.

They often think “I will do it someday” and then I get the call, the person is dead. It is devastating to have to attend their burial before attending their program launch or their wedding. The uncertainty of never feeling you are good enough is one of the worst human sufferings.

People like you were stunned when they discovered how I created my own breakthrough, and how I changed my story to live the exact life of my dreams in my personal and professional life.  I was at a dark place, a point in my life where my past stories had created beliefs in me and patterns that were holding me back and keeping me from living the life I knew I deserved.

I was at rock bottom in my relationships, and finances and my career wasn’t fulfilling. I knew I needed to make a shift but I dint know what to do. I didn’t know whom to turn to and where to go. There were no life coaches in Kenya in fact I just heard about the idea of coaching from my friend from California.

Although people around me admired me, they really never knew what I was really going through. And that is the thing with high achievers, we suffer in silence because everyone else thinks we are doing great. I decided that I had suffered enough and to me, change was a must. I attended Strategic Intervention coach training and that is the moment I created my breakthrough.

I dealt with my limiting childhood stories and regained complete control of my life in one single coaching class. From that moment on I began a journey of understanding the distinctions that helped me create my breakthrough and that are the distinctions I have used for over a decade to transform the lives of over 12,000 people across the world.

It is a fact that every human being that ever changed their story from limitation to total certainty and abundance did so by coming to a moment of a breakthrough. Breakthrough is a moment in time when your life suddenly becomes new and everything changes and you look at life from a totally different perspective.

After my breakthrough, I decided that I will help as many people as possible create their breakthroughs. Breakthrough with Jeff was born out of my personal breakthrough. 

What does a life coach do exactly?

A life coach is a professionally trained and certified expert who helps people his/her clients purposively progress in their lives to attain greater fulfillment. In finding their purpose and reclaiming their real identity and power, the clients break their limiting beliefs, drop their stories of limitations, and improve their relationships, careers, communication, confidence, and day-to-day lives.

A professional life coach in Kenya can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then guide you through coaching strategies for overcoming each obstacle.

How do I become a life coach in Kenya, Uganda, or Africa in general?

Destiny Life coaching offers throughs practical coach training under the supervision of the International Coaches Register. As pioneers of coaching and coach training in Africa Destiny Life Coaching has trained the leading coaches of the continent of Africa. During the Destiny Life Coach training, the students begin by discovering their mission in life, their soul mission, they are given practical clients with which to practice coaching and see the impact of using a proven system of helping people. 

By the end of the training, the coach training students create their own coaching system that is in line with their purpose in life. 

Every life coach who is a professionally trained coach has their process and strategies for helping their clients. 

During my breakthrough with Jeff’s intervention, I take my clients through the exact process I used to access a life of total joy, peace, and love. I live in a beautiful emotional state no matter what is going on around me. I made a conscious decision to live life by my terms and help as many people as possible to live their life by their terms.

The results have been amazing. In a period of fewer than 10 years, over 12,000 clients have successfully ended their humanity’s worst nightmare of living a life of no fulfillment after going through my breakthrough Coaching sure-fire steps to Becoming the best version of YOU.

My life coaching clients from Kenya, Uganda, and across the globe have testified how through this process of intervention coaching they were able to reclaim their leadership and take back their power. They finally say yes to their destiny by consciously training their subconscious mind to live an outstanding standard of life. Here is the 9-step process that I use to elevate my clients to the best experience possible.

What is a breakthrough with Jeff?

Breakthrough with Jeff coaching is a process of coaching that I take my clients through in order for them to get past whatever is stopping them from living the life they desire and deserve. There are nine steps or elements to the breakthrough with Jeff coaching that help my clients elevate their life and find joy fulfillment and success.

  • E – ENERGY
  • A – ACTION

I might be a stranger to you right now but I know deep inside you feel you are NOT good enough. I know you constantly feel as though you doing your best but the results are not really the results you deserve. You often feel like you are not appreciated enough by the people who matter the most to you.

I am sure you are frustrated because even after doing a good job in your relationships and in your career all you have received is poor rewards.

You are a professional who badly wants to achieve more in life but most importantly wants to be fulfilled and know with absolute certainty that your life matter and that it is making the kind of impact that gives you a sense of deep inner peace.

A few things in life will ever match the value of living the life of your dreams and having the peace of your soul. as a matter of fact, I don’t know anything that equals the value of fulfillment in life. Life is too short to be lived with uncertainty.

The quality of your life is the quality of your emotional mastery in every area of your life. What must happen for you to KNOW that nothing else matters as much as the fulfillment of your soul? What must happen before you finally say yes to your life?

The breakthrough framework helps to rewire your mind in a way you can eliminate anything that activates the patterns of your old story so you can stay focused and practice a totally new story of breakthrough.

Breakthrough with Jeff is a process of how to GET PAST YOUR STORY AND BE FREAKING AWESOME. This is the new program by destiny life coaching. Giving you permission to re-write your story for greatness and be freaking awesome.

What is the purpose of coaching?

  Life Coaching is not just for those who are struggling. The big mistake people make is to wait until they have a problem or are stuck in order to go see a coach. The purpose of coaching is to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective, to see the possibilities of strength still locked within you so you can live your next-level potential. The purpose of coaching is to build or strengthen self-belief and unlock your fullest potential in life. 


This is what some of the breakthroughs with jeff’s clients had to say”

Milka Ngari

Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Staff, UNHABITAT. at UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme)

August 1, 2020, Milka was a client of Jeff Israel Nthiwa,’s

You want a breakthrough to your destiny, you need a life coach. Jeff is the best decision you will make to transform your life. Thank you Jeff for the impact that your coaching has brought to my life. Truly life changing!

Eva Chanya

Certified Events Planner, Administrator, and Hospitality Management Consultant

August 1, 2020, Eva was a client of Jeff Israel Nthiwa,’s

Jeff is a great life coach with vast experience, my sessions with him were fulfilling in every way and are something I looked forward to. Thank you Jeff for helping me discover my inner strength. I’m now charged and looking forward to a great life ahead


Mwangi Kariuki

Life Skills Coach specializing in Public Speaking, Social Anxiety and Self-Mastery

November 13, 2018, Mwangi reported directly to Jeff Israel Nthiwa,

Jeff is a master in life coaching and a pace setter coach in Kenya. You can’t go wrong with him.

Kennon Mbae, FCCA, CISA

Finance Business Partner at Sanlam General Insurance – Kenya

July 18, 2020, Kennon was a client of Jeff Israel Nthiwa,’s

Interacting with Jeff as my coach was life changing. A complete change of perspective about myself, with focus on bringing out the best in me, which would otherwise remained unexploited. Jeff is good at what he does!

Registration for the next breakthrough with Jeff is ongoing claim your bonus now at 0722992111

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