What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a partnership that weaves clients who want to live a better life and coaches who support their growth.The important thing is that the relationship between the client and the coach itself is coaching.

By using that relationship, the client can grow and look back on the life of his choice. And you can reshape your life into a more convincing and satisfying form. As a result, you can reach your goals, solve problems, and get the life you want.

How to become a Life Coach

So how do you become a life coach?

I have the impression that there are a certain number of people who go to a school that teaches life coaching and learn → life coaches.

However, I have also met someone who liked the name Life Coach. There is no clear definition for calling yourself a life coach. The current situation is that anyone can call himself a life coach.

If you want to be a life coach what kind of life coach do you think of?

Let’s think about it once.

Life coach qualifications and costs

I did some research on the organizations that issue qualifications for life coaching.

When I searched for “life coach” and “qualification” on Google, I found four organizations that offer training programs named life coaches, including Life Coach World, where I graduated.

Below, I would like to summarize each school from the perspective of “qualifications.”

Life Coach World

Life Coach World is the only organization in Japan that trains life coaches.

Life Coach World issues a qualification as a Certified Life Coach. I am also a Certified Life Coach of Life Coach World.

Qualification conditions

Get at least 6 hours of mentor coaching from a professional life coach

  • Provide clients with at least 12 hours of life coaching
  • Primary exam by “report-style written exam” and “profile creation with a clear mission”
  • Coaching session 20 minutes of practical secondary exam

I graduated from a training school myself, but the exam is not easy. At the time I received it, most people tried multiple times and finally became certified coaches.

However, by the time you can pass this exam, you will have the power of the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level of the International Coaching Federation.

How to choose a life coach training school?

The way to choose a life coach training school is based on ” Can you sympathize?” And “Do you want to be a friend?”

All the groups are wonderful, so some people may not be able to choose. In such cases, it is a good idea to look at the activities of the graduates.

If you look at the activities of the graduates, does it overlap with the image of the way you want to go? I understand. When choosing a school, I myself followed all the homepages of those who are active as graduates.

Some of them weren’t active as coaches, but there are blogs and lessons that describe their feelings at the time they attended the course, and I want to learn like this too! It was the decisive factor in choosing a school.

Coaching can also be said to support “self-determination.” Choosing a school is also an opportunity for you to decide for yourself.

The actual work of a life coach

Actual activities and income as a coach. It summarizes the specifics after becoming a coach. Life Coach, I think you can understand the job.

Occasionally, some people tell me that I want to be a coach because it’s easy to earn, but I don’t recommend becoming a coach for that reason.

For those who want to be a life coach, each organization uses the term life coach, but each has a different definition and different teaching in the training course. It doesn’t mean which one is good or bad. Each is active in each position. Please meet the school that suits you.

Also, this article is written by me as a certified coach who graduated from Life Coach World.

I intended to write this article flat, but based on the fact that it was written by “I sympathize with the idea of Life Coach World” and “Ishihara, a certified coach” after graduating from Life Coach World. We would appreciate it if you could use it as a reference when considering attending a training course.

Also, most importantly, in order to become a life coach, it is essential that you experience coaching yourself and embody the effects of coaching. I wouldn’t choose a “coach who hasn’t been coached”. It is hard to imagine that a coach who is not able to utilize coaching himself will be able to demonstrate his or her strength as a person.

I have never been coached, but I want to be a life coach

  1. I’m worried if I can coach myself, but I’m interested
  2. It seems that learning is a high hurdle, but I want to experience it first.

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