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LIFE without ENERGY is a WASTE

LIFE without ENERGY is a waste.

My purpose in life is to be an example of passion and vitality to agents of change inspiring them to become an unstoppable force of nature. – Jeff Israel Nthiwa


To live a life of no energy and passion is to live a lie. There is no way you can convince me that you are happy when you literally push your body around day after day. You are telling yourself that you are OK to gain the certainty you need to feel that you still deserve to be here. The truth is, you are walking dead.

Well, it is said that The average person dies at 25 but only gets buried at 75″.  If you desire to live life by your terms, then you must fall in love with the truth. Tell yourself the truth, even when it hurts. That is a sign of maturity; to tell yourself the truth even when it hurts!

The truth is, for any change to happen in your life, it requires a lot of energy. Energy is everything in this life, my friend. Energy affects your relationships, finances, career, even your spirituality. ENERGY is KING, period!

We need energy to break old habits. We need the energy to establish and create new positive strong habits. We need energy to overcome our difficulties. ENERGY is a key step up on the DESTINY LIFE COACHING journey. The decision to raise the standards of your energy is a core destiny decision.

If you have energy, you can make the impossible possible. But if you are walking this world tired, you probably won’t do much and won’t be much. I am talking about physical, mental and emotional energy. As you become healthier we’re going to find that our mental energy increases.

Energy doe not as a result of a miracle or wishing for it. Energy is a result of what you are eating, drinking and how much you move your body. As you make smart choices on your health, you will think better and do more. You will become more creative and increase your positive emotional energy.

As you commit to valuing ENERGY you will feel happier, more enthusiastic, more passionate about things, about life. The quality of your life will be affected by the level of energy you possess.

Look at your key areas of life:

1- Spiritual

2- Relationships

3- Health and Physical

4- Professional and Financial

5- Personal Development

6- Career/ Mission

7- Social Life

8- Emotional Life

9- Intellectual Life

Rate each and every one of these areas on how satisfied you are with the energy of how you are showing up in each area.

secondly, write down 3 none negotiable daily rituals on each area of life that can help you experience a peak state of energy on a daily basis.

Jeff Israel Nthiwa

Live with passion!




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