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Tony Robbins says that “Change is never a matter of ability, but always a matter of motivation”. People rarely change until they associate PAIN to not changing and PLEASURE to changing NOW. We make decisions based on whether we perceive that remaining where we are equals to pain. If we associate pain to changing then our mind will resist the change.

Whenever it is unbearable to continue the way we have always being, then change becomes an absolute MUST. To make change a MUST we need emotional leverage. We need strong, powerful, emotional reasons why we must change.

If you really want to make a BIG change in life, emotional leverage is a must. If you are helping someone else to change, then emotional leverage is a must. If you fail to see the PAIN of keeping things the same way, no change will happen. If you don’t find a powerful emotional reason why change is a must then you are UNSTOPPABLE. If you want to apply the magic of leverage you have to focus on the emotion, not on logic.

So, whatever change it is that you need in your life, you have to attach massive negative painful emotions to not changing and massive positive emotions to changing. Think of the worst that can happen and pretend you are experiencing it as a reality and feel how painful that feels then think of the best possible experience of life if you changed immediately.

The mistake we make is we minimize our pain by saying ” I am okay” no you are dying 🙂 INstead of saying things like ” I am big-boned simply tell yourself you are FAT. Don’t make your issues seem like it’s okay. Make it painful.ly unbearable and disgusting and change will happen.

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