I was excited to become a transformational coach when I left my full-time position as a pastor at the Nairobi Pentecostal church fifteen years ago. 

Training and certification in life coaching and group leadership facilitation helped me become an exceptional coach. 

Both life coach training and speaker training are necessary stepping stones on the path to mastering coach status. Anyone can be a coach, but we have very few master coaches. 

People in Kenya were completely unfamiliar with coaching fifteen years ago. I remember when I got a call to coach a prospective client’s daughter, and the first thing they asked was where my swimming pool was. I was like, how now? I don’t even know how to swim!

Destiny Life Coaching has trained and qualified a life coach in every county in Kenya and the majority of African Countries, and these coaches speak to clients every week to help them improve their lives. Things have indeed changed, and there is a high demand for coaches. 

I appreciate the opportunity Destiny Life Coaching took to lay the groundwork for professional coaching and training in Kenya. However, it has not been easy to get here. Destiny Life Coaching teaches you how to become better in coaching and speaking. 

You are learning something new, something different that will revolutionize how you conduct coaching and speaking.

To provide the client with a meaningful and powerful coaching experience, Destiny Life Coaches are trained to engage their clients in deep dialogues that reveal the true power of coaching. I believe in simplicity, and therefore we hold the finest approach to convey the benefits of coaching to someone.

We are relentless in ensuring that our coaches and speakers are confident by eliminating any self-doubts they might have and using highly collaborative strategies that ensure no one is left behind.

Our coach training program begins with a personal change that has a lasting influence on our students’ lives. 

With our students, we work together to help them uncover their purpose, essential human needs, passion and life mission, and long-term vision for life and business.

After uncovering their strengths and helping them turn on their inner destiny switch, we now equip them with coaching tools to help others have the same transformative experience. They learn to appreciate their worth. They learn that they are worth the fees professional coaches charge.

Nevertheless, this is the first step to becoming a successful life coach in Kenya. The first step is coach training which leads to life coach certification. There is a second level of training in group facilitative leadership coaching and public speaking. 

If you want to be a successful life coach in Kenya, you must master both. Group facilitation coaching is taught in an immersion environment to coaches who have already passed the life coach certification. When a coach has done the two courses, they are certified as a master coach.

If you want to become an excellent communicator in a business bucket hat and your personal life, this training course is for you! Your ability to effectively communicate your ideas to others will improve dramatically once you’ve completed this course.

One of the key objectives of this course is to help professionals better understand and appreciate the fundamental components of successful communication and group facilitation.

Public speaking and group facilitation is a stand-alone course with its curriculum and certification. One can decide to do the public speaking course and group facilitation alone or begin with it and then later take on the coach training course. Through collaborative immersion training, you will receive quick feedback on your language structure, tone, and nonverbal features.

You’ll be able to identify your communication flaws, and you’ll put those flaws to rest and learn lasting facilitation techniques that will make your services to humanity an enjoyable calling.

You will communicate effectively both personally and professionally, utilize words, tone, and posture to match your communication goal, develop rapport, and display confidence to get the greatest outcomes.

The participants will participate in group discussions, role-plays, group exercises, and assessments to learn and practice becoming a group facilitator in 12 sessions. 

As a keynote speaker, you will learn how to draw and engage the crowds and get paid by the hour for facilitating groups.

Speaking is not just a financially rewarding profession, but it is also a deeply satisfying one. When you know how to sustain that soul mission and convert it into a message, you become so fulfilled; what is your message right now that can help save someone’s marriage?

What if your soul message has the potential to assist someone in getting out of debt? 

What if your message has the potential to transform someone’s life completely? 

Where do I start? Thank you for asking: begin by booking your free consultation clarity call on my calendar, so you are clear on the best place to start the journey to your boldest dreams and life by your terms.

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