Start Breathing with Your Ideal Life and step-by-step

Jeff Israel Nthiwa Over $100,000,000 Generated For My Clients, over 12,000 Clients Found their life Purpose Over the past 15 years.

Hello, my name is Jeff Israel Nthiwa, and over the past 15 years I've been able to help over 12000 ordinary souls create extraordinary life in their personal and professional life.

Hello, my name is Jeff Israel Nthiwa, and over the past 15 years I’ve been able to help over 12000 ordinary souls create extraordinary life in their personal and professional life.

Empower Yourself with Life Coaching

It’s time to join me in the LIFE MASTERY BOOTCAMP. Transform yourself where you need to focus to:
Jennifer Osoro
Jennifer Osoro
The class has given me a lot of confidence from just repeating my new story. I got inspiration from writing my Life Vision where I found inspiration from visualizing what my life looks like. It's amazing what mindset can do to shifting our thinking and ensure we actualize our goals.
doreen ochieng
doreen ochieng
DLC helped me to find courage and confidence in not only my story but also my voice. I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn, share and grow with other like-minded people who are ready to positively shape our world.
Coach Mary Chege
Coach Mary Chege
My name is Coach Mary Chege,i joined destiny life coaching with a lot of expectation, which has been met through an amazing training, The training content was well organized with clarity. throughout the training, i gained a lot of insight in many areas. my self awareness was improved and I become more clear of my ultimate life vision. Interaction with other coaches broadened my network and more experience gained. May God bless Coach Jeff.
Mercylyne Juma
Mercylyne Juma
My greatest inspiration through DLC is the life stories of my fellow coaches. Each of them has inspired me a great deal. The kind of personal strengths in each of them is unique and special. My insights came from the book reviews, to have a change/ shift in mindset was the greatest. To understand the reason why most people including me are at the place where we are at has been a good motivation to always reflect, review and adjust when i know am not on course to where i need to be going. I have better understanding of my state and my environment to an extent of sharpening my skills to deliver positive influence in every setting. There has been a notable change in my home and work environments because i have been practicing the skills learnt at DLC
Dorcas Kurgat
Dorcas Kurgat
I have learnt a lot from coach Jeff. I have learnt to operate from a point of love. I have learnt I can be anything I want to be, I need to be focused and to believe in myself as the power is within me. I have learnt to connect with myself especially through daily habits. And this has enabled me connect with myself. I have learnt to always focus on the 7 areas of my life with a goal of improving on them. What I loved most was learning the art of forgiving myself and speaking positively to myself and loving myself. I have learnt to connection with others. Through the four agreements I have learnt to create great relationships with people. I love an abundant mindset I now have learnt to look at the glass half full and not half empty. I have learnt to create mastery mindset. I have learnt the power of gratitude and focussing on what I have instead of what I am missing. I have learnt the power of visualisation. And the power of intention and the power of now. I now complete my actions on time as I have left the habit of procastination.
Zainul Hassanali
Zainul Hassanali
I gained a new depth of knowledge from destiny life coaching, I have so much clarity of who I am, what my mission in the world is, which is priceless, I have learnt tools I can use to make my own personal breakthrough to stop unhealthy eating habits, how to break limiting beliefs in myself and others. I see the world in a whole new way. I feel more empowered. I have understood what drives me and how to make healthy choices to meet those needs. I have been able to network with like-minded individual to who share my passion. I have been given such great reading material form Coach Jeff that every page I read I make a breakthrough with life changing results. My greatest insight has been to become fully aware how to come out of my comfort zone which stimulates personal growth. I understand the people around me better which I struggled for years. I know how to help them now. I would truly like to thank Destiny Life Coaching and Coach Jeff for pushing us to grow and learn faster and better than we could have ever done on our own. I move to the future feeling empowered and full of confidence in my purpose. Thank you!!
Since joining DLC I have gained insight on the huge role that fear was playing in my life and how it had caused me to miss on different opportunities. I understood that fear is not of God and that I should be operating from the point of love. My breakthrough came after understanding that fear is something conditioned from childhood and I had to unlearn it so that I can live a happy and fulfilled life. I have applied the methods, techniques, and training I have learned to transform my life. I will use the same tools to guide my coaching clients transform their lives.
Gift Vivian
Gift Vivian
It was amazing and it made me more confident in life it also made me realise the career path that I wanted.


The focus here is changing the mindset and rewriting our life stories. We create a new story powered by the belief that you are ENOUGH and that all you need is to change the world within you and your entire world changes!
Are you excited to join?


STEP 1: I help you to get crystal clear on what your life purpose is and why you are here:

If you have not achieved any “MEANINGFUL” goals in your life, it’s undoubtedly because you never took the time to sit down and find to think about what you really want to achieve in your life, why you are here and how you want to live your life. You may have achieved several exciting goals, but were they truly yours?

STEP 2. I help you to create your ultimate life vision for your life as a result of your life vision

Think of making your life vision as plotting a path to your personal and professional visions. The harsh reality is that if you do not change your own vision, you’ll allow other people to direct the course of your life.

STEP 3. Crash all the limiting believes and stories stopping you from realizing your life vision

We all have limiting beliefs and stories that stop us from achieving our life vision. To identify and change those beliefs, you need to improve your self-awareness muscle. The secret is to take responsibility and be responsible for the beliefs you created for yourself.

STEP 4. Help you create a vision for your IDEAL RELATIONSHIPS

The ideal relationship involves honesty, respect, trust, and open communication between partners.Be honest with yourself regarding what you want. Consider what you want out of a relationship and try to develop some specific characteristics of your ideal partner.


“FINANCIAL VISION” is what you want to achieve financially. Financial vision needs to be simple but motivational. Financial vision needs to be able to motivate you to take track of financial freedom. Without a clear vision of the future, you can’t actually know if you’re making the right choices with your money.


Push out all feelings and thoughts that aren’t positive. Don’t let negative emotions and thoughts overwhelm you when you’re feeling down. You have to focus only on good things in your life and push your negativity aside. Someone with a resilient mind is focused on learning, growth, and achievement. Someone with a strong mindset is self-aware, sets perfect boundaries, and doesn’t compare themselves to others.


An Ideal Career Vision is a perfectemotional image of who you want to be and what you want to. “Your vision is a ‘picture’ of what you aspire to – and what inspires you – in your work life,” the University of Berkeley explains. People don’t know where they are going. They walk through life and completely accept the job, the salary, the lot that life gives them.


Emotional Mastery is the practice of becoming aware of and learning to direct your emotional states – how you feel yourself and react to others. You can’t control all the events that happen to you, but you can choose not to be reduced by them by taking our “THE LIFE MASTERY BOOTCAMP” session, which will help you master your emotions, remember that 85% of success comes from EQ.


After going through all these steps, one by one, we should be able to a point where we all must be able to select a clear vision of what we want and what we are going to do and what we will achieve in future and how?
This LIFE MASTERY BOOTCAMP will surely give answers to almost every question in your mind or to the state you are stuck in.


Do you have a specific ritual of actions that you do each day? What do you do? When? How does it impact your day? We have a scientifically proven strategy to improve quality of life through various dimensions.


The LIFE MASTERY BOOTCAMP is designed to help people discover inner peace to unlock their full potential so that they can build a life that is aligned with their highest intentions; this program has already changed thousands of people to live fuller and richer lives.

What is your purpose in life? Why must you exist? Does your existence or anyone else’s even matter? Is life pointless? Do you know your worth? These questions are not only something everyone has at one point in life or another; the need to find an answer can be crucial to avoid feeling stuck in life.

It is okay to be clueless and unable to find joy in life. You might have high-reaching expectations from life and not understand why it doesn’t seem to feel like a hoot and a half. There are moments where you just want to wallow in self-pity and feel nothing but complete and utter emptiness.

What you do need to remember through it all is that life and these moments are all fleeting. Life can often feel like a trap when it ceases to be meaningful. If life has no direction, it can’t sustain momentum. Goals and objectives help you have focus and purpose in life which is vital for self-growth and development. It lifts you out of the pit of an existential crisis where your attempts to make life seem worthwhile feel futile.

We can help you find your path! Your goals and your purpose in life are just in your eye’s blind spot, and our job is to sharpen your vision and see things clearer and in more vibrant colors.