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To reach Your Destiny You Must Understand Yourself DEEPLY

To reach Your Destiny You Must Understand Yourself DEEPLY :

Self-awareness is all about understanding the kind of mindset that has brought you here and the kind of SHIFT needed for you to move to create a new story for your life. Understand WHY you haven’t crushed your dreams yet, obviously, there is a problem.

Understand your motivations; What works for you and what doesn’t work for you? To move forward you have to understand yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, your motivations, your psychology. Every one of us is driven by different forces. Think deeply about what got you the life you are living today and the kind of identity needed in order for you to move to the next level.

Change requires understanding yourself deeply. Stop looking outside and look within you so you can find the resources needed for you to reach your destiny. Understand the patterns of thinking that has resulted in the life experience you now have. What are your belief system that has created the person you are today? What is the biggest life question that your life is trying to answer?

Which of the following areas of life are you really pleased with? what makes you pleased with those areas?

1- Spiritual

2- Relationships

3- Health and Physical

4- Professional and Financial

5- Personal Development

6- Career/ Mission

7- Social Life

8- Emotional Life

9- Intellectual Life

Which of the 9 key areas of life are you not pleased with? what can you do in order to make a shift? What influences you to live your life in the way you do?

Are you driven by the need to be sure of yourself and feel like you matter or are you driven by the need to grow and contribute to others? Could it be that you behaving badly is a way of seeking to meet your need for love and connection?

What influences the way you look at the world?

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