What is a simple self coaching method

In this article, I will answer your concerns about self-coaching.

After reading the article, you will not only understand self-coaching but also know how to actually work on it.

What is Self-Coaching?

Self-coaching is self (self) + coaching (leading).

In the US, it means to guide yourself to your destination.

Coaching is a self-dialogue with the coach

Self-coaching is self-dialogue

It would be nice if you could think of it like this. And we unknowingly do self-coaching.

The brain seems to think 60,000 times a day, and that thought is caused by dialogue with oneself (internal dialogue).

If the quality of the dialogue is low, you may not be able to lead yourself to where you want to go, or you may lead to unwillingness.

By reading this far, you can see that self-coaching is important.

Purpose Of Self-Coaching

The purpose of self-coaching is simple.

This is for you to live a better life (convinced, satisfied).

Target Of Self-Coaching

Anyone can be self-coached

Rather, I think that self-coaching is something that everyone is already doing.

For example, when you get out of the futon in the morning, do you have a dialogue with yourself, “What should I do, should I sleep for another 5 minutes?”

This is also good self-coaching. (Strictly speaking, self-talk. Here, it is treated as synonymous for clarity)

However, many people unconsciously engage in this kind of self-dialogue and do not realize that they have created the reality of the present.

If you don’t want the reality right now, you’re coaching yourself in the wrong direction with your usual self-coaching.

If you are interested in self-coaching, it is better to have an image of self-coaching that you are already doing unconsciously, rather than doing self-coaching.

Effect Of Self-Coaching

The effect of self-coaching is to get a better life.

Again, you do self-coaching (self-dialogue) every day. Daily self-coaching creates thoughts, actions, and the reality of your life. In other words, if the content of self-dialogue changes, the behavior will change naturally, and the reality will also change.

It’s only natural that you can have a better life if you can self-coach for the people you want.

Difference Between Self-Coaching And Coaching

Next, I will explain the difference between self-coaching and coaching.

Both self-coaching and coaching have their advantages and disadvantages.

Often, which should I choose, self-coaching or coaching? I have a question.

Rather than choosing either one, my recommendation is to have a coach (to receive coaching).

As I mentioned earlier, in a sense, self-coaching is something that everyone is already doing.

If you have a coach, the quality of self-coaching will improve.

“Since I got a coach, the question to myself has changed in this situation, as a coach would ask such a question.”

“I suddenly noticed that my question to myself when I was depressed changed naturally.”

Again, coaching is a self-dialogue with the coach. Therefore, if you have a coach and improve the quality of self-dialogue, it is natural that the quality of self-coaching will improve.

Although it is recommended to have a coach, some people may want to try it for themselves

I don’t want to talk to people now

Those who do not have enough money to pay now

There may be.

For those of you, here are some self-coaching methods.

I think it will be helpful for those who have a coach as an example, so please read it if you like.

 Self-Coaching Method

What kind of “method” and “method” is used for self-coaching?

There are various methods and methods of self-coaching.

To be honest, I think that the method and method are “anything, whatever” ^^

Because there are innumerable methods, which one is better? Because it varies from person to person.

However, there are some points and points to keep in mind regardless of the method.

Important Point

Also, there is a good point to know when doing self-coaching, no matter how you do it.
It is roughly divided into the following four.

 Securing time
 See flat (capture the facts)
 Don’t blame people for the environment (responsible for your life)
Self-contained (separate the range of others from the range of yourself)

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