Become a Breakthrough Pro Coach: Unlock Your Potential

Breakthrough Intervention Coaching is a powerful way to coach that helps people figure out their limits and get past them to reach their goals. The process involves working with a professional coach who helps the coachee figure out their values, passions, identity, and hopes for the future. The coach helps the coachee make an action plan to reach their goals.

The Breakthrough Coach Training Experience provides a comprehensive and highly engaging learning experience allowing participants to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of coaching. Through the unique, hands-on approach to learning, participants will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful, prosperous breakthrough coaches, in their particular niche and brand.

You can now take your professional development to the next level by earning a world-class certification as a breakthrough coach.

Become a Breakthrough Pro Coach by choosing one of our world-class certifications, including:

The breakthrough coach certification program offers an opportunity to explore transformative coaching from various perspectives so attendees can gain the skills to become effective coaches. In a simulated environment, attendees can gain practical experience applying the latest coaching techniques and strategies.  Breakthrough Coach Certification program was developed with the intention of assisting coaches in honing their coaching skills within an atmosphere that is both supportive and stimulating.

The coaches receive significant insight into building an effective coaching presence, active listening, strong questioning, and other essential qualities through role-playing, group activities, and feedback sessions. Our program inspires and motivates coaches to surpass their comfort zones and realize their greatest potential.

If you’d like to be working as a coach in a few days of Immersion Training, it’s time to hurry up ūüôā

Breakthrough Intervention Coaching event fills up so fast. ¬†Breakthrough Coach Certification is one of our most comprehensive life coach training. It’s also the fastest and best way to accelerate becoming a working coach. Being a coaching student and working as a pro are two different things. Becoming a pro coach requires a leap. And, with the breakthrough coach certification program, you’ll make that leap within the two days immersion coach training.

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